How to Overcome Social Anxiety – A Primer on Social Anxiety Medication and Social Anxiety Symptoms

First off, let’s get one thing straight. You will How to Buy Xanax 1 Mg Online without Prescription always have social anxiety even if you overcome the social Buy Xanax Online anxiety symptoms. It’s like the Alcoholics Anonymous mantra, “Once an alcoholic, Always an Alcoholic.” They say that to remind themselves to never let their guard down and start drinking again. It ruins lives when you get addicted to something (an addiction is something you feel compelled to do repeatedly even when it harms you). Why am I talking about addiction? Because your social anxiety symptoms are maintained by your addiction to what psychologists call safety behaviors. A safety behavior is anything you do to avoid facing your anxiety head-on. Examples include carrying a Xanax pill in your pocket everywhere you go, refusing to go anywhere alone (like the cafeteria) so you don’t have to feel self-conscious, staring at the floor to avoid going red (blushing) when you meet new people, avoiding introducing yourself to a group at church or a club so your heart won’t race. But these are not really the worst kinds of avoidance for people who want to learn how to overcome social anxiety.

The worst safety behaviors are those that you do to hide the fact that you feel anxious. This is a big trap (addiction trap). For example, you try your hardest not to let anyone notice that your heart is pounding when you have to give your presentation at work or at class. Trying to avoid anyone noticing makes you feel slightly safer in the short run, but it’s this kind of thing that causes you to never get the benefit from these situations that could have been your ticket to increasing confidence.

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