Kitchen Equipment – Purchasing a Commercial Deep Fryer

Everyone enjoys the delicious French fries as well as chicken wings and onions. These are all on the menus of nearly every catering and restaurant. In order to provide the finest food to your customers you require the best kitchen appliance such as a commercial deep fryer that operates efficiently and safely and is sturdy and simple to keep clean. Utilize these tips for picking the ideal equipment for your foodservice business.

Deep Fryer Dimensions and Features

You must decide on the appropriate dimension of the deep-frying machine that is suitable for the commercial kitchen you have. Pick the internal dimensions of the machine in accordance with the quantity of fried foods you provide as well as the size of your portions, the scale of your business operations , and the number of clients you serve. For instance, if your business provides catering services for large gatherings like weddings, you’ll be better off with a bigger fryer. Be sure to check the dimensions on the outside of the fryer you purchase. It should fit in your kitchen.

It is ideal if the kitchen appliance has a removable Air Fryer for Chicken Wings and Fries  oil reservoir. This is a great feature. It lets you remove the appliances faster and easily, and, most importantly it is safer.

The deep fryer you purchase must be able to operate in a variety of temperatures. It should be able to choose the right temperature through the control knob. It is recommended that the fryer has an alarm clock as well. This will spare you lots of trouble and will allow your staff and you to perform more effectively.

The fryer should be constructed out of sturdy materials.   It should be able to stand up to the various environmental conditions that are present in kitchens. Metal parts shouldn’t be easily scratched or dented.

Deep Fryer Safety

Deep-frying can be very hazardous if the proper precautions are not in place. You must adhere to the rules of safe deep-frying. Your fryer must be completely safe.

The safe kitchen equipment come with an extended cord and an insulated plug. No matter how hot the temperature within the appliance its walls should be cool enough to feel. The handle of the basket that holds the food pieces that have been fried should not slip. It should be able to provide an easy grip. It is ideal if it has a ergonomic design.


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