Samsung NC10 Netbook Review – The World’s Lightest Netbook

The new Samsung NC10 netbook is a 10.2″ netbook powered by Intel Atom N270 processor. It comes with 1024 MB RAM of memory plus a 160 GB of hard drive. The NC10 is considered as one of the best netbook Samsung has ever produced. The overall design looks solid, elegant and neat. It also comes with 3 distinct colours to choose from, that is white, black and blue.  sony 55x75k

The elegant look of Samsung NC10 does not imply that it didn’t come without imperfection. Based on our observation, there is a design weakness in the hinges that could somehow weaken in the long run. It is not advisable to rotate the LCD display screen for more than 45-degree. There is a tendency of possible snapping and separating of the display screen if forces were applied beyond the point.

Another disadvantage of Samsung NC10 we realized is that, the netbook battery is attached out of the base by an extra 5mm to the netbook depth. The overall dimension of the battery measured at 260 x 170 x 30mm, and it weighed 1.3kg. So there is a noticeable issue associated with the balance of the netbook, as the rear is heavier than the front.

The primary use of Samsung NC10 is mainly as a second computer while you are on the move or travelling. The overall performance of this netbook is good and can operate any kinds of daily tasks without too much of problem. Do not expect too much out from it, as this is best for only simple word processing and surfing the net.

When you buy the new Samsung NC10, it will come pre-installed with Windows XP operating system as standard. On top of that, it also installed with some addition applications such as the Samsung Battery Manager and Recovery Solution III to help users manage their task more efficiently. If you are a keen online surfer, you will definitely like this Samsung netbook more. It provides users with additional online protection by pre-installed McAfee Internet Security as part of their package. This is certainly an additional bonus compared to other rival netbook brands when come to make the purchasing decisions.

As a verdict, there are two main aspects that make Samsung NC10 stand out to other rival netbooks – the display screen and keyboard. It has a 10.2″ display screen with 1024 x 600 pixel resolution. With such specification, users will expect a reasonable size of display image. Overall, the new Samsung NC10 is one of the world’s lightest netbook and the best buy netbook in the UK.

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