The Arrowhead is one type of wetlands plants

The name of this plant is derived from the shape of its leaves which are long, slender arrow-shaped in nature and extend on one to foot stalks and point towards the sun. The Arrowhead white delicate flowers with only three petals which surround a fuzzy yellow center in the male plant or mound-like green center in the female plant. The Arrowhead can be found in stream and pond edges, marshes, and swamps all over North America. It has a small, potato-like tuber near the root which supplies a delicious treat for ducks and muskrats. The tuber can easily be gathered by breaking it loose from the root with bare hands or feet. The tuber then floats directly to the surface.

The Yellow Lotus has a large yellow flower and 18″ umbrella-like leaf, standing up to 10 inches above the water’s surface. The yellow flower head measures about 7 inches across, with a hard seed pod center that looks like a huge salt-shaker. The lotus blooms from June until September. When the flower has stopped blooming, the petals and leaves fall away, leaving just the “salt-shaker” standing above the water’s surface fading to brown. Inside are hardy seeds that can still grow many years from now.

The Cattail grows in wet areas in dense groups. It consists of 2-10 foot tall sword-like leaves pointing up to the sky with a hearty stalk standing between them. On top of the stalk is a long oval brown spike, above which will appear a yellowish flower between May and July. In September or October, after the flower has been pollinated, the brown flower head pops open and gets very fluffy. This means that the seeds are ripe and ready to float through the air to start new plants.

The willow is a large family of trees and shrubs that grow along streams and in other moist places. Willows grow 35-50 feet high with a diameter of 6-25 inches around. The black willow grows an average โหลดpussy888 of 30-40 feet high and might only grow as a shrub with a short trunk and spreading branches. There are many different types of willow trees that can be identified by their leaves and branches. The Peach Leaf willow has leaves that are long, narrow and greenish-yellow with white undersides that grow on long, slender, somewhat twisted stems with branches that droop. The White and Crack willow has leaves that are large with a saw-toothed shape. Twigs break easily from the branches. Leaves that are narrow with widely spaced teeth, rounded, and dark green atop with a whitish bloom below make up the leaves of the Pussy Willow. The Weeping Willow has leaves that are whitened or pale beneath, with long branches that hang down towards the ground.

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