Tips to Building a Compost Bin

There are many commercially-made compost bins that can be easily purchased at the market today. But if you’re looking for cheaper ways to have one at home, then you can try your hand at building a compost bin of your own. If you’re not into keeping compost heaps or piles of organic wastes in your backyard, then a homemade composter will be able to serve you best. Compost bins in different shapes, sizes, makes, and capacities will be able to help you decompose these scraps from your kitchen and garden; and have these turned into a rich humus-like substance soon after (can be used as an organic fertilizer for your plants and as a soil amendment). A homemade compost tumbler or bin should also have its considerations before making one. Consider first these few things:

  • A good location for where to setup your compost container
  • Build a compost container noting down if its for outdoor or indoor use (there are a lot of bin choices for outdoor composters and indoor kompostownik z palet composters)
  • Keep your compost bin or tumbler out of extreme weather conditions; shelter it in a shady location where it’s not being directly hit by the sun (to avoid drying out your compost), or by strong winds
  • Know your preferred volume (the amount of composting materials that you will need) to be able to tell the capacity that should be prepared for your bin


You can also build compost bin systems out of several handy materials. You can make compost bins using wood, wire mesh, plastic, brick or blocks. And if you’re looking for something to recycle, then you can always make a bin out of old trash cans, barrels or drums. But for other alternatives, you can check out a few of these materials:

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