Two Foolish Lottery Strategies

Few people would disagree that there is an over abundance of lottery advice out there. It’s everywhere. Do this. Don’t do that. Just trying to sort it all out is a challenge. So, allow me to enter the fray and describe the worst of the worse. My assistant today will be that vivacious star of Buckeye TV, the ever popular Midwest poster ticket, the Ohio Classic Lotto, 6/49 lottery.

In the OH649 lottery there are a total of 13,983,816 possible wagers. Therefore, the odds of winning the lottery jackpot are 1 in 13,983,816. In pursuit of that elusive lottery jackpot, many people use a lottery strategy that just doesn’t make any sense. At least, it doesn’t make sense to a sharp gambler who is trying to improve his chances of winning the lottery. I’ll prove my point by using some logic, common sense and basic math.

Foolish Lottery Strategy #1

Frankly, I don’t understand what the attraction is but many people play all odd numbers. For example, they get all excited about playing 7-17-23-29-37-49 or 3-11-23-29-37-41. Perhaps if they used some good lottery software, they would soon discover that that dog doesn’t hunt very often. Here’s what I mean.

There are only 177,100 wagers that are made up of only odd numbers. This looks like a big number, but all of these wagers combined only represent 1.27% of all wagers. Therefore, 98.73% of the time or 51 weeks out of the year, they didn’t even have a chance of winning the lottery jackpot. They weren’t even in the running. A year is a long time to go without feelin’ any love!

For those of you that may have some doubts, the actual lottery drawings themselves back this up. In the last 279 drawings, over 2 1/2 years, wagers made up of all odd numbers occurred only 4 times! That’s like fishin’ for marlin in a mud puddle.

Foolish Lottery Strategy #2

That’s right. You guessed it. Foolish Lottery Strategy #2 is playing all even togel hongkong   numbers. But, in the case of the OH649 lottery, you’re in even worse shape playing all even numbers than you were playing all odd numbers. You see, because there are 49 numbers to choose from, there are fewer even numbers than odd numbers. As a result, there are only 134,596 wagers that are made up of only even numbers. That represents only 0.96% of all wagers. Therefore, over 99% of the time (in other words, every drawing except Christmas) the player didn’t stand a chance of winning the lottery jackpot. Waiting a year just to be in the running to win requires more patience than most of us have.

Again, the statistics back up my point. In the last 279 drawings, wagers made up of all even numbers occurred only 3 times! That mud puddle just evaporated.

So, if you’re guilty of using these strategies, STOP! Wouldn’t you be having more fun playing the lottery if you were in the running to win the lottery jackpot 99% of the time? It can be done, you know. Serious Lottery Players with good Lottery Software do this all the time.



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