Why Women From Russia Search for a Husband Abroad

Search Google for the term “Russian marriage agency” and you will get more than 195,000 results.

This is perhaps surprising for a country of the former Soviet Union (FSU). Russia was in effect isolated from the rest of the world for a long time and has just finally achieved its independence just about two decades ago. This opens up brought opportunities for cooperation with other countries. The “New Russia” is still a young country.

But what is the reason for the success of the marriage agencies in the countries of the former Soviet Union? Are the women of these countries hunting rich husbands? Are they looking for short-term or long-term romance?

There have been some news stories about ladies of the former Soviet union and more than enough negative publicity. Nevertheless, don’t let a few negative incidents cause you to miss out on the possibility of finding love.

One of the issues that come out when one questions the motives of Russian women who take up the services of a matrimonial agency is why they prefer foreigners to the men in their own country. There have been some unfortunate stories about the lives of girls in Russia. Unfortunately, it boils down to the fact that they sometimes are not treated very well in their homeland by their own families.

Journalists have chronicled the story too many times — a story of Ukrainian and Russian men drinking, philandering, neglecting and even beating these unfortunate women.

Naturally, not all men of the FSU treat women this way. However, too often Russian or Ukrainian women complain about irresponsible, hardhearted and demanding men who are unwilling to provide for their children. Yet the women are loving, dedicated and caring, and go to a marriage agency hoping to find someone like them with whom to create a strong happy family.

In addition to the lack of quality of men of the former Soviet Union, there is a lack of quantity. Statistics for one year showed a ratio of 46% to 54%. The most obvious solution for the women is to broaden russia ukraine news  their horizons. The reasons for the shortage of males is emigration. One woman complained that the boys of the Ukraine disappear by the time they turn 30.

In addition, an emphasis on their own femininity set the women of the former Soviet union apart from those in the United States and Europe. The feminist movement hasn’t hit as hard there. The women want to be attractive, to wear a dress and pumps. They are concerned about their appearance. The emphasis is truly on femininity.

In contrast to the feverish bustle of women in the United States and Europe to achieve equality in all respects with men, women of the FSU are concerned about putting family first. Too often Western women are seen as having no desire to appreciate or emphasize their softer side. Many men appreciate members of the gentler sex who are not militant feminists, as so often is found in the United States and European countries.

As one woman, Natasha, recalls, women of the FSU are treated differently outside the country. There are so many attractive women in Russia that the men are just used to it. It has become commonplace and they forget about appreciating or admiring what they have. Not so elsewhere in the world.

Of course, there are some money hungry vamps everywhere, eager to catch the unwary in their snares. However, if you feel your destiny is in the exotic, you can find it in the Ukraine or Russia, and overall, there is no better place to find a respectful, loving and caring woman who will appreciate her family.



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