World of Warcraft – 7 Neat Secrets For Beginner Players

World of Warcaft probably has more secrets and hidden locations than any other online game. Whether you’re new to online gaming and this is your first MMORPG, or you consider yourself to be an avid gamer, you’re probably looking for all the WoW secrets you can get a hold of. Part of what makes this game stand out above the rest is its endless content.

Keep in mind that these secrets may be old news to you if you’ve been playing WoW for awhile. However, if you’re new, then you may find some of these interesting and/or helpful.

– Have too many extra items but are unsure whether you should sell them or not? If you have extra items that you think you MIGHT need later, you can get them out of the way for a short time by mailing them to another one of your characters. You don’t even have to make that character accept. Items usually stay in the mail for a few weeks before the recipient accepts. If the recipient is your own secondary character, then you don’t have to accept, and once the items expire, they’ll be automatically sent back to your main character!

– Want a pet cat, roach, moth, dragonhawk hatchling, or snake? You can get small, companion animals in various locations. They really don’t do anything other than follow you around. Still, they’re cute (except for the roach) and it’s nice to have a companion, no matter how small. The crazy cat lady is in Elwynn forest, the roach vendor is in Undercity, the dragonhawk vendor is in Eversong woods, the snakes can be found around Ogrimmar, and the moth vendor is in Exodar. You can also find tons of other pets in World of Warcraft, such as parrots, brown rabbits, fireflies, rats, etc. in various locations.

– Want a pet chicken? There is always the infamous Westfall chicken quest you can do. Go to Westfall (or Tirisfal Glades if you’re Horde), go find some chicken near one of the farms, do the /chicken command, and then right click on a chicken once it finally takes notice of you. Accept the quest, go buy it some chicken feed from the nearby farmer, return to it, type /cheer, feed it the chicken feed, and it will lay an egg. Go pick up the egg and you’ll have yourself a pet chicken!

– When speaking with vendors, if you see that any item is almost sold out, buy the last one or two and then sell them at the auction house. Usually, if there’s only one or two of an item left, it means that the item is popular and/or rare and that its auction house price is significantly higher than its vendor price!

– Download a free add-on quest helper so that you’ll be able to complete your missions easily. You’ll be less likely to get lost, thus earning XP and leveling up more quickly. Sometimes, the compass and map aren’t enough; you’ll find that you need additional help from  Buy wow gold a quest helper such as Carbonite. Don’t worry—it’s safe to use. A quest helping addon doesn’t go against Blizzard’s policies like hacks and bots do.

– Whatever you do, DO NOT attempt to do every single quest in the game! You’ll only find yourself confused. If a quest is still in your log after a few levels, you should probably go ahead and abandon it. The more time goes by that you don’t do a quest, the less it will be worth, thus the less XP you’ll receive for it. Usually, quests change color as they become less and less important. White quests barely reward anything at all, and green is sometimes bad too. Drop all white quests and even some green if you don’t think you’ll be able to do them. You won’t have time to do every single quest in the game, so don’t feel bad for abandoning any—you’ll only be doing yourself a favor.

– If you want a walkthrough guide, make sure you get one by one of the top players, such as Nyhm, Joana, Dugi, or Zygor. Some of the elite players, with at least three or more level 80 characters, share all their secrets in WoW packages. The packages include: a guide, step by step walkthrough, secrets, add-ons, maps, in game assistance, tips on everything, etc. If you want to master World of Warcraft someday, you need to learn from the masters themselves.



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