WoW Hunter Talent Build – Which Spec Is Best For Leveling?

As with all classes in World of Warcraft the Hunter has three talent trees they can spec, the Hunters talent trees are the Beast Mastery, Marksmanship and the Survival talent trees.

The question is which of the three talent trees offers the best spec for leveling the Hunter. In this article we’ll take a brief look at all three available talent builds and conclude the best available Hunter build for leveling up in WoW.

Beast Mastery Hunter Leveling Build

Hunters are the perfect class for leveling in World of Warcraft straight off the bat but to really put the Hunters leveling strategy on over-drive the key is to follow the Beast Mastery Hunter build!

The problem with this particular build is that many players don’t know how to truly harness the power of this build as the focus of this build is primarily on the Hunters pet as opposed to the Hunter there-selves.

This really is key to a powerful leveling strategy with the Hunter as the Hunters pet will make for an excellent tank keeping the mobs at bay while you deal out large amounts of damage from a distance with your ranged weapons.

Marksmanship Hunter Leveling Build

The Marksmanship talent tree build is going to focus primarily on the Hunter increasing the Hunters range and damage output. The role of combat here is completely different to that of the Beast Mastery talent build as the Hunters pet will not create the aggro needed to keep the attention on them so the mobs will be gunning straight for the Hunter there-sleves.

The problem here is that the Hunter relies on ranged attacks and although can cope in close quarter combat it isn’t their ideal combat scenario so the DPS rate is going to decrease compared to the Beast Mastery Hunter build.

Survivability Hunter Leveling Build

The survivability talent tree brings a nice twist to the Hunters arsenal of abilities but definitely isn’t a viable build for More evasive maneuvers can be applied using the Survivability build and likened to the Marksmanship talent build the attention is going to be on the Hunter during combat and not the Hunters pet.

Wrapping It Up
To conclude I would definitely recommend the Beast Mastery Hunter build as this is going to greatly reduce the Hunters threat and keep the mobs at bay with a near invincible pet.

Abilities such as Kill Command literally turn your pet into a frenzied killing machine while all you have to do is sit back and pick off the mobs with your ranged weapons.


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